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Speed up code writing without compromising quality with DVT IDE for Visual Studio Code

Say goodbye to the limitations of plain text code editors with DVT IDE, your complete integrated development environment.

Spot all sorts of mistakes as you code – from small typos to complex errors. Fixing them while you’re still coding saves lots of time compared to waiting for simulation or synthesis.

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How it works?

Improve your code quality with comprehensive on-the-fly checks​

Detect a wide variety of common errors on the fly, ranging from simple typos to tricky syntactic and semantic errors. Finding and fixing these errors at the coding stage is much more efficient than waiting for simulation or synthesis to be ready.

Visualize complete models for your complex design and testbench hierarchies

Explore your project architecture with structural views and interactive diagrams, for example, design and verification hierarchies, design schematics, finite state machine diagrams, register bitfield diagrams, and UVM components with TLM port connections diagrams.

Navigate easily through complex code

Simplify your navigation through multiple project files. Hyperlinks take you directly to declarations. Dedicated commands accurately compute and show you the location of usages, readers or writers, module instances, or constraints. Advanced symbol queries help you quickly locate relevant entities like a specific module, class, macro, uvm register, etc.


System Verilog


Verilog AMS


Speed up your code development

Write new code faster using context-sensitive autocomplete and generate entire blocks of code using templates. You can also override functions, generate setters/getters, quickly instantiate and connect a module or entity, correct errors with “quick fixes” such as “Did you mean” when detecting a potential typo and “Update instance” when module ports have changed.


Ensures higher quality development.

Simplifies debugging and legacy code maintenance.


Allows easy navigation through complex code.

Accelerates language and methodology learning.

Increases productivity and reduces time to market.

Speeds up code writing.

Enhance your code readability and maintainability with automated formatting and refactoring

Keep your code clean and avoid tedious and error-prone operations regardless of your design or testbench size by using accurate semantic refactoring operations, including renaming, adding new ports or parameters, extracting to new variables/method/module, and changing method signature. Beautify your code completely with the formatter, which is highly configurable in terms of vertical alignment, indentation, whitespaces, and line wrapping.


Thank you for your interest in DVT IDE for Visual Studio Code. We’d be happy to offer you a full-featured evaluation license. Request it by completing the form.

AMIQ EDA provides tools – DVT IDE, DVT Debugger Add-On, Verissimo Linter, and Specador Documentation Generator – that enable design and verification engineers to increase the speed and quality of new code development, simplify legacy code maintenance, accelerate language and methodology learning, improve source code reliability, and automate user documentation. The result is better design and verification code, developed faster and with fewer resources, in a shorter time to market.

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